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Florida Man Tries Stealing Vehicles From Jail Parking Lot Immediately After Release

Land O’ Lakes (WTFF) – A Florida man, after being released from jail, was arrested for trying to steal vehicles from the jail parking lot.

On Monday night, 68-year-old Dennis Libonati tried breaking into 26 different cars, including two sheriff’s office vehicles, according to the arrest affidavit collected by the New York Post.

Libonati was finally able to hot-wire a Kawasaki Mule ATV that was in the back of a Dodge Ram pickup truck.

He was caught by officers before he could escape, and admitted to trying to break into the vehicles “with the intent to steal one to use for transportation.”

Libonati was just released from the Pasco County Jail in Land O’ Lakes, which the arresting officer referred to as the “LOL Detention facility” in his report.

He was arrested again and charged with 26 counts of attempted auto burglary, one count of auto burglary for entering the truck bed and one count of grand theft for hot-wiring the ATV.

Libonati is a Transplant from White Plains, New York.

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4 years ago

garbage new yorkers!