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Venice Coyote

Spotted in Venice, FL. Video uploaded by Melanie Wolf Alkema.

We have a coyote who visits our property every night. I admit I feel trapped inside my house from dusk to dawn. Last month, I bought several wireless outdoor security cameras and have tried to determine the path of the coyote. This evening, I placed a camera on the ground near the path of the coyote to see which direction he is entering our property from. I certainly did not expect THIS response. 😱

Melanie Wolf Alkema

Backup video:

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Venice Coyote

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Skinny Guy
Skinny Guy
3 years ago

My neighbor (yeah, Florida) raised his dog from a pup. Finally went to the vet after years. Not a dog. Frank was a bit high strung but was affectionate and protective. I miss him.