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Florida Man F*cks Dolphin, Stars in Documentary

Back in the 70’s a Florida man fell in love with a dolphin named Dolly.

Malcolm Brenner described the experience as “almost spiritual” in a VICE article. He met the dolphin on a freelance photography assignment at Floridaland, a theme park in Sarasota. Back then he was a student at the New College of Florida.

Dolly caught his attention, and reportedly floated over to Brenner and “flipped over to present her genital slit.” He described how the dolphin then rubbed her teeth on him “in an erotic way.”

“Female dolphins are very assertive about their sexuality,” said Brenner to the VICE reporter.

 Dolly the dolphin was trained to ride along this boat and jump for fish. Photo courtesy of Joey Daoud
Dolly the dolphin was trained to ride along this boat and jump for fish. Photo courtesy of Joey Daoud

He’s now starring in a documentary called “Dolphin Lover,” a 15-minute film that tells the story of “his summer long love affair with Dolly the dolphin” over four decades ago.


Brenner lives in West Florida these day and tries to live a pretty normal life. He even has a grown daughter after “‘training’ himself to like women.” He hopes that one day zoophilia will be normal in society. He seems to like humans too, as he’s active on several dating sites.

Back in the day, it was totally legal to fuck animals in Florida. Back when America was great?

Bestiality could be banned in Fla. following goat rape

A goat fucking incident in 2008 paved the way for a new law in 2011 that outlawed humans fucking animals in the Sunshine State.

FSS 828.126 basically declares that humans are not allowed to “knowingly engage in any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal.”

It’s an important law to have on the books to protect animals, but it’s only a first degree misdemeanor.

Animals cannot express consent to humans. Or rather, we have no way to prove they can express consent, because we don’t speak the same language(s).

“Laws barring bestiality, such as the one recently enacted in Florida, are not wrongful limitations of sexual freedom. They rightfully protect the sexual liberties of all,” reads a Guardian article.

That pretty much says it.

Consent is everything.

Please stop fucking animals, everyone. We shouldn’t have to ask these things. Also, it’s not just Floridians. Margaret Lovatt apparently fell in love with a dolphin too.

Is it wrong for humans to fuck animals?

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2 years ago


Malcolm J. Brenner
Malcolm J. Brenner
5 years ago

Gee, I guess it’s very difficult for people to accept that dolphins have a sex drive and a brain and can figure things out. Dolly’s courtship of me didn’t leave anything to the imagination. It’s amazing to me that people who weren’t there have this all figured out!

5 years ago

Life was going well and your posts keep me laughing…until this dolphin fucker….Sonny, you stole my innocence and this article has ruined my life….

5 years ago

Sick dolphin fucker

Sonny's biggest fan
Sonny's biggest fan
5 years ago

I’ve heard of “waxing the dolphin” but never of actually fucking one….I would have liked to see this freak fuck a killer whale….the sick marine life fapper….