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82-Year-Old Florida Woman Spits on Officer’s Face at Publix

Josette Jordan

When you think of grandmas going grocery shopping, it’s normal to imagine gentle women cutting out coupons and writing checks as they hold up the line. It’s normal to imagine mild-mannered sweetness emanating from them, disarming your frustration and making you smile at the slight inconvenience of being stuck behind them at the checkout lane.

This is Florida though, and we are anything but normal.

The following incident happened in Publix of course, since there are practically no other grocery stores left in the Sunshine State.

Here we have Josette Jordan of West Palm Beach. She was perusing the aisles of the Publix at CityPlace, when she became involved in an argument with another woman.

The details of the argument were not reported by palmbeachpost.com, but the aftermath was.

The recipient of this old lady’s rage was disturbed enough by this confrontation to complain to an off-duty West Palm Beach police officer working security at the store.

While she was explaining her situation, Josette approached her and began verbally abusing her.

She finished the onslaught of hateful words and left the store with her purchases… but she wasn’t finished berating the woman yet.

She returned in full Florida Woman mode to continue the verbal abuse.

When the officer placed his hand on her arm to escort her out the store, Jordan screamed:

“Help, help, he is a brute!”

She then defiantly sat down on the floor on top of her purse, blocking customers from leaving.

A customer and the officer took either arm to remove the feral Florida Woman, and as she was lifted from the floor, she spat on the officer’s face.

Like most women in Florida, she was then handcuffed and arrested.

82-Year-Old Florida Woman Spits on Officer’s Face at Publix

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