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After Drinking All Morning, Palatka Man Tries Stealing Beer from Publix

Eustis (WTFF) – A drunk Florida man was arrested after allegedly trying to steal some beer from a Publix grocery store.

On Saturday afternoon in the Publix at 1950 N SR 19 in Eustis, a Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) spotted a Florida Man perusing the beer section.

Later identified as 40-year-old Henry DeLoach, the Apopka-born creature picked up a 24-pack of Budweiser and walked right past the checkout without paying, according to the arrest affifavit.

Stealing things from a holy place such as Publix is a very serious offense in Florida.

The Publix LPO approached him, and DeLoach gave up. An officer of the law arrived and asked him why he stole the beer.

The Palatka resident replied that he had “been drinking all day and decided to do something stupid.”

DeLoach was taken to the Lake County jail and charged with Petit Theft (Retail) with 2 or more prior convictions. The next day he bonded out for $5,000.

Jail shoes? Florida Man often walks around barefoot.


Arrest Affidavit


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