Turn off the TV

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Corporate news stations intentionally provoke emotions to foster engagement. Their motive is not to inform people, but to monetize the time and attention spent on irrelevant and exaggerated matters. Step away from the TV and face reality. Encourage others to do the same. »

Street Reporters

WTF Florida?
In order to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of f*ckery in Florida, we’re calling for participation in a citizens journalism initiative. We encourage our readers to become active participants in the news cycle, instead of just consuming what mainstream media disseminates. This gives everyday Floridians the power to shape their own narratives instead of […] »

Old Media / New Media

The New York Times publishes false information to stir up illegal wars. CNN baits anxious Democrats. Fox News baits angry Republicans. Almost all corporate media is toxic garbage for the mind and soul. Their frivolous and skewed stories intoxicate us with anger and hope, yet do nothing to elucidate the roots of the tragedies being […] »