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Old Media / New Media

The New York Times publishes false information to stir up illegal wars. CNN baits anxious Democrats. Fox News baits angry Republicans. Almost all corporate media is toxic garbage for the mind and soul. Their frivolous and skewed stories intoxicate us with anger and hope, yet do nothing to elucidate the roots of the tragedies being reported on. Often the goal is to simply make a profit and manufacture consent, all at the expense of the average working person.

WTF Florida aims to be different. We report factually on the f*ckery of Florida, sometimes for laughs, and sometimes to expose the horrors of society that are often ignored or normalized. We hope that our work has a positive impact on society.

Sometimes we f*ck it all up, and sometimes our sarcasm leads us down the same ugly roads as corporate media, even though we’re doing it ironically. We learn from our mistakes and hope that everyone we’ve pissed off will understand.

In the future, we hope to improve. We’re open to suggestions as WTF Florida evolves in the strange and unpredictable world we inhabit.

Old Media (Mainstream News) is dead, or at least dying.

What should new media look like? How can we do better?

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2 years ago


4 years ago

[…] Old Media is dying, as it should be. WTF Florida is building the parameters of what one facet of New Media will look like. Obviously, we’re in a bubble of sorts, limited to one peninsula, and focused mostly on humor, but we still have a great opportunity to produce amazing content and inspire the future of news all over the world. […]