Street Reporters

WTF Florida?
In order to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of f*ckery in Florida, we’re calling for participation in a citizens journalism initiative. We encourage our readers to become active participants in the news cycle, instead of just consuming what mainstream media disseminates. This gives everyday Floridians the power to shape their own narratives instead of […] »

Introducing The Florida Button

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Now on every post there will be a “Florida Button” where you can vote for the Floridaness of whatever you’re reading/seeing. Just click/tap on the Florida Button to “FloridApprove” it. Fuck a Like button, we got our own. You don’t need to register or anything, it’s open, free, and anonymous. »

New Comments Sytem – Disqus

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We have switched over to disqus for the site’s commenting system. After updating our site to HTTPS to be more secure, we fell victim to a Facebook bug that has affected many other sites. Long story short, we tried many different hacks to save your brilliant comments, but all of those methods would introduce other […] »

New Site Upgrades

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We made some big changes to the mobile version of our site. We hope it makes your browsing experience more enjoyable. Contact us and let us know if we fucked something up, and we will try get it fixed. You can also send compliments to our Web Engineers who we keep locked up in the […] »