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SSL Security Now Implemented on WTFFlorida.com

Hi everybody. Tech guy here. We just made our site more secure to help protect your data. You should now see a little green lock icon and/or a “Secure” message near the address bar while browsing WTFFlorida.com.

Be sure to message us if you find any bugs. Thanks!

We are still trying to find a way to reinstate the old article’s Facebook comments. Since we switched URL’s basically, HTTP:// to HTTPS:// for every article, Facebook’s crawler sees each page as a brand new thing, hence killing all the data. We have a little hack worked out to fix the Like counts, but we would also have to go through 700+ pages and manually update the canonical URL. It would be worth it if that fixed the comments too, but it doesn’t. Facebook and the geek community know about this issue, but nobody has offered a solution. Your funny comments will live on in Facebook’s native world, but might not show up here anymore unless we come up with a breakthrough.

SSL Security Now Implemented on WTFFlorida.com

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