Wild Monkeys Attack Family at Silver Springs State Park in Ocala

monkey attack

OCALA – A family from Estero had a frightening experience at Silver Springs, when they came across a group of rhesus monkeys.

At first, the monkeys were just hanging out, but after a few minutes they became upset and started growling, hissing, and chasing people.

Nobody was hurt, in fact, Susie Ramsey and her family thought it was funny when the monkeys became angry.

Monkey attacks can be dangerous though, they have very sharp fangs and are quite strong.

Never show your teeth to a monkey if you run across them in the wild, such an act is a sign of aggression. Just walk away and open your palms to show them you don’t have any food.

You can watch the entire original video above.

Stay safe out there, and no monkeying around!