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Florida Man Moves to Bali, Chases a Monkey, Falls off Roof

Jeff “Swede” Swedenhjelm is a 21-year-old Florida Man from Destin. Several years ago he moved to Bali, but Florida never left him.

Like most southerners, sports is a huge part of his life. Even though Colin Kaepernick ruined the enjoyment of football for many easily-triggered Americans who absolutely hate the idea of equal rights in America, Jeff is one of the resilient ones. He still loves his footballin’ stuff, especially the Pittsburgh Steelers.

One day a monkey stole his favorite Pittsburgh Steelers hat and ran across a rooftop with it.

He started chasing the monkey, but the monkey outsmarted him.

Jeff fell down 33 feet and is currently paralyzed from the chest down.

Villagers found the Okaloosa County Man and took him to a local hospital. He’s in medically induced coma and is on a ventilator. His spinal cord is severely damaged. He’s still in the Bali hospital according to nwfdailynews.com

Jeff Swedenhjelm

Florida Man Moves to Bali, Chases a Monkey, Falls off Roof

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