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Girl gets jumped at West Boca High School, everyone just records it

So, this happened at West Boca High School:

Like many viral videos, we only see the chaos in media res, at the height of the drama. We don’t know why they were fighting. Some rumors say it was over a boy, which is probable. The girl’s dad and CAIR said it was because she was Muslim, which is probable too. We have no idea really. Kids do stupid stuff. Fighting is one of those stupid things, and jumping people is too. Hell, I got jumped in High School many times. It’s just part of growing up in Florida (and anywhere really). But, we have to wait for the investigation to wrap up before we attempt to proclaim WHY this happened. By the time that investigation finishes, everyone will be bored with this story already.

We can’t really blame all the kids for filming either. Like father, like son. Like previous generation, like new generation. These kids are growing up in a world where facts don’t matter, where human life is not valued, and where sensationalism is the only escape from reality. But it’s no excuse either. We should all strive to cultivate more compassion, and to be more mindful.



– My daughter Manaal munshi(14 years – 9th grade student) was getting bullied by couple of school (West Boca High School, Boca Raton, FL) girls because she was Muslim. Today (DEC 21st) she decided to get this over and talk to girls but beaten badly by gang of girls. She didn’t picked up a hand because don’t want to fight back.
– My wife called police as soon as found out and pressed charges against the girls.
– Let’s see how USA rule of law works!!

Posted by Shakeel Munshi on Jedi 21 Desanm 2017

Anyway, here’s a meme:


Girl gets jumped at West Boca High School, everyone just records it

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