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Deputy Quits after Stealing Commissary Candy

Mackey the candy thief

Cleveland, FL (WTFF) – A corrections officer has resigned after getting caught stealing candy from the Charlotte County Jail commissary.

At first, Deputy John Mackey was put on administrative leave while under investigation. He resigned on July 19.

According to Fox 4, someone noticed some missing Mounds and Starburst candy and assigned an employee to watch over the sugary stash.

On July 15, Mackey was caught taking some bags of candy and putting them in a drawer. The manager said he would come in to the commissary every day and not buy anything.

He said: “[I] grabbed some items I had no business taking.” Three M&M packages and a Mounds bar, according to Charlotte Sun.

Daily Mail shamelessly found and posted photos of the deputy from Facebook, the social media giant that pretty much only old people use.

The deputy later told investigators that he suffers from sugar cravings after returning from military deployment.

The Florida Man was not arrested or charged for the theft, unlike many poor people who aren’t cops.

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