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The Biddles Celebrate a Beautiful Weddin’

Photos from an amazing redneck wedding

Punta Gorda (WTFF) – A wedding at Redneck Mud Park has become internet famous, on account of how badass it was.

It ain’t every day that regular Florida folk make the news fer doin’ good. This here is one of them days.

Jeremy and Ahrielle Biddle took each other as lawful man and wife at the Redneck Mud Park in Punta Gorda on Monday, accordin’ to a post made on Facebook.

Bride walkin’ down the aisle
Walkin’ up to git married

Ahrielle Biddle is real proud of the shares her post is gittin’, as she wrote, “ITS BLOWING UP ALL OVER THE INTERNET!”

The post done got over 37,000 shares already.

If it gets 50,000 someone’s gonna cook ’em supper, so all you nerds do yer thang.

Jeremy fixin’ to be a husband

Jeremy Biddle is a real man that makes an honest livin’ installing gutters.

He also studied Pimpoligy 101 at The University of Kicking Ass, according to his biographical information.

Hellz yeah.

Here’s a video of them two lovebirds gittin’ hitched:

After the ceremony he carried his bride away to a big beautiful mud pit.

Romance in Florida

Dang. It’s really beautiful.

Just married!

As Nawrth Flawrduh tradition demands, the husband and wife embraced each other in the mud pit.

Dang, what a beautiful sight…

A very cinematic moment

Yankees won’t understand, but that’s OK. Love is love and y’all can keep hatin’.

Nothin’ says “I do” like gittin’ covered in mud together

Welp, that there’s the story and y’all heard it first on WTFF News: Florida’s best worst news site.

One Love, y’all.

Update: they started a GoFundMe.



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happy about the shares? its cause were all laughing our asses off at this white trash shit!!


I messaged this girl who happens to be very nice. Just so y’all know. She has had several kids and looks hot as hell. She is happy and looks great for free you should be jealous.


Just bc someone hates on someone else doesn’t make what they say any less true. This couple look like drug addict/alcoholics and their kids look genetically inbred…prob from all the drugs and alcohol. What a shame. But yes lets glorify their stupidity and classlessness.


Love my fam. From aka RoachCoach!!!


Love this !! They are doing what fits them and their personality. They are happy and in love, great parents and living their best life.

One of these comments in particular is from a bitter ass female with no real life of her own so she goes around making up storys to feel better about her own life. Get a grip sunshine !!


Nice how he goes ahead and consummates (fucks her, for you white trash folks) the marriage at the end of the ceremony, lol


[…] Rednecks will pull your stuck car out of a sand pit, cook good ol’ fashioned southern food for you and your friends (no matter what race or religion y’all are), and protect the proletariat with the hundreds of firearms they legally own. They also know how to party. […]


These here so called good people let their 12 and 15 year old sons drink alcohol at ryc also got child services called because the youngest was talking about fucking goats at school. quit making dumb people famous! Where’s the picture after the wedding when she let some random guy touch her butthole for beads! She is closer to the sons age than she is to Jeremy and walks around basically naked in front of the boys! I’m sure that’s not a problem though! Keep spreading the good word about such grand “people”.