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The Differences between Rednecks and Yankees

Among the many distinct cultural groups in Florida, The Rednecks and The Yankees are often the most discernible. Each group has a specific subgroup of “stupid assholes,” which we will attempt to define here using brief examples. It’s important to remember that not all Yankees and not all Rednecks are the same. Judging an individual based on the actions of a few, or even many, is wrong. Here are some examples that outline the differences, feel free to add more in the comments:

Rednecks will pull your stuck car out of a sand pit, cook good ol’ fashioned southern food for you and your friends (no matter what race or religion y’all are), and protect the proletariat with the hundreds of firearms they legally own. They also know how to party.

Stupid Redneck Assholes drive their oversize pickup trucks 80 MPH through the bike lane while texting, believe that demographic shifts are white genocide, and shoot people in the face for parking too close to their vehicle.

Yankees bring in tourism dollars, improve traffic flow in Florida by invoking the useful “don’t block the box” rule, and appreciate the kindness of us Floridians with smiles and genuine conversation, even if we’re a little weird.

Stupid Yankee Assholes drive like old ladies from Michigan and go 40 MPH below the speed limit in the passing lane while giving flashing middle fingers, are always rude and snarky to cover up the fact that they’re ignorant, and vote against important things like education while taking advantage of our “no income tax” state.

We’re all prone to bias, but we should be careful to never judge a book by it’s cover:

The Differences between Rednecks and Yankees

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