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Florida Fire Chief Attacks Teen in Road Rage Incident, Steals Phone

Jon Miller

A Floridian peacefully stood his ground when Florida Man, an off-duty Charlotte County fire chief battalion attacked him.

NBC2 has exclusive video of the encounter, as Florida Man attacks the teen and steals a cell phone.

53-year-old Battalion Chief Jon Miller was waiting at a red light behind a silver Mercedes driven by a Floridian teen.

Jon got out of his car and started yelling at the Floridians inside. Angrily, he opened the car door and grabbed the driver’s arm.

The enraged and probably drunk Florida Man then opened the back door and snatched the teen’s phone. The Floridians stood their ground peacefully, armed with a knife just in case the feral creature continued to attack them. Florida Man finally left, along with the stolen phone.

The young Floridians traced the phone to Jon’s house.

Jon came out with a gun in his pocket.

The teen rolled down his window, and Florida Man Jon snatched his hair, preventing him from reaching the pepper spray in the glovebox.

Police showed up and broke it all up. They later made an arrest after looking at the cell phone footage.

Jon Miller is on paid administrative leave.

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