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Florida Woman Tries Stealing 80-Year-Old Lady’s Car, Gets Tackled by Burger King Manager

Michelle Shockley, Florida Woman

Sanford (WTFF) – A Florida woman has been arrested for attempting to carjack an 80-year-old woman at Burger King.

“I noticed this lady walking up towards me pretty fast. I thought it was just a panhandler and she just kept coming right up to me and she said, ‘Give me your keys or I’ll shoot you,'” the victim told WFTV.

The victim must be a true Floridian though, because she called the Florida Woman’s bluff. There was no gun in this wannabe carjacker’s hands. Everybody here carries a gun, but this woman had none.

The 80-year-old Floridian refused to give up her keys.

That’s when she got knocked over by Michelle Shockley.

Someone saw the chaos on 17-92 and called the cops. Shockley raced away to a 7-Eleven to escape the commotion. The Burger King manager followed Shockley. She was determined to catch her.

She ran across the street after the dastardly Florida Woman and tackled her. The brave Floridian woman held her there until police arrived.

Shockley’s bond is $28,000.

Florida Woman Tries Stealing 80-Year-Old Lady’s Car, Gets Tackled by Burger King Manager

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I love stories with happy endings!


What a piece of [email protected]#$#V. Pack her off to Syria or Russia and let her try this crap. Too bad the 80 year old lady was not packing.