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Florida Boy Busted Selling Weed in Middle School Bathroom

Clermont (WTFF) – A 12-year-old Florida boy is facing felony charges for selling weed at school.

Wednesday, around noon, the assistant principal at East Ridge Middle School “was informed” that a kid was trying to sell marijuana in the bathroom. She asked him “if he had anything on his person that he should not have at school” and he pulled out a “fruit roll up package” containing a “partial black cigar package” and a “plastic shopping bag,” both of which contained marijuana (which tested positive).

According to the assistant principal, the boy started crying and said he was “going to be in so much trouble.” He told the principal that his brother borrows his backpack sometimes, and that he “found his bookbag outside” and went to school. His friend at school “told him he smelled like weed,” so he looked inside the bag and found it inside. He “got nervous” and “put it in his pocket.”

Four students told sheriffs that it took place in the 2nd floor bathroom before first period. They each claim that the arrested student “even informed them the bags contained 1.5 grams” while selling. One student “even exchanged money” but later changed his mind and “declined to purchase.”

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Florida Boy Busted Selling Weed in Middle School Bathroom

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