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YouTube Bans Certain Videos about Firearms

YouTube has updated their policies to prohibit certain kinds of content featuring firearms.

This is presumably in response to the new state law signed by Rick Scott that bans bump stocks, raises the gun buying age to 21, arms school teachers, and more. New York Times wrote an easy to digest article on all the changes. Senate Bill 7026 (2018) is now law.

The new policy seems to prohibit channels that are run by private gun dealers and affiliates, especially ones that sell things like bump stocks, gating triggers, drop-in auto sears, conversion kits, and high capacity magazines (over 30 rounds).

Also, “instructions on manufacturing a firearm, ammunition, high capacity magazine, homemade silencers/suppressors, or certain firearms accessories” are prohibited. Videos showing how to convert a firearm to automatic, or near-automatic speed are banned.

Users are asked to report content that violates their new policy.

You can read the entire policy on Google Support.

If your content has been removed/blocked and you would like to upload informational videos about guns, please Contact Us and we might host them for you on our website. Better background checks are what we need. It’s too easy for crazy people to buy guns, and that’s a problem. Banning things and censoring ideas won’t help though. We fully support the 2nd Amendment, and also fully support common sense gun policies. The NRA is a corrupt organization that politicizes everything and tricks people into sending them donations. What we need is a sensible center.

Here’s some videos that might get removed under this new policy (and their backups, just in case):

What a bump stock really is:


How to bump fire without a bump stock:


Let us know if you see any videos getting removed.

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YouTube Bans Certain Videos about Firearms

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