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Banned from Facebook for 30 Days

Facebook status posts will be delayed for an entire month because they banned me again for posting memes and being silly. Fuck Facebook’s algorithms. And fuck being politically correct. Facebook’s just trying to compensate because they know they fucked up by selling millions of ads to Russians during the elections. Yep, all those “Keep America America!” memes that “patriotic,” senile people shared… they came from trolls in a country that hates America. It’s funny but it’s sad. Hopefully the Millennial generation won’t be so goddam fucking stupid. Yes I’m talking to all you baby-boomers and literal racists who got tricked into voting for Trump. You got played, you old pieces of shit. That’s the art of the deal… but whatever, back to the reason we got banned.

People are upset that Facebook allowed all that to happen and made a shit-load of money from those ads. So now Facebook’s just banning the shit out of everyone, doing damage control with their snowflake robots detecting “offensive” things as part of their damage control.

Or it could be that people are just abusing the reporting feature on Facebook to target pages they don’t like. Even for stupid jokes we’re being censored. These bans started after we posted an article in support of Net Neutrality. The latest ban happened seconds after posting memes making fun of a politician. Could be coincidence.

Oh well, it’s our fault for relying on Facebook so much to bring traffic to our site. Hopefully our die-hard readers will find us here directly at WTFFlorida.com because it looks like our Facebooking days are over.

This is the kind of shit they’re banning us for (a joke response to someone who said all young people are stupid)…


“The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.”
-Tommy Smothers

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Banned from Facebook for 30 Days

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