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Why do we bitch so much?

Part of healing the divisions in this country involves laughing at ourselves and becoming more humble. It also involves exposing media tricks that are used to manipulate the senses. We try to use sarcasm to elicit truth. Sometimes we suck at it and the message at the depth falls flat. Sometimes it’s kinda funny and makes a point.

We hope that media propaganda becomes less effective on account of our making fun of it and imitating it ridiculously. We hope that emotions are less fickle as we harden ourselves to insult. We hope that our posts will unite everyone through laughter. We hope that the absurdity and drama we produce and share will help to break down the walls of illusion that stifle our camaraderie. We’re imperfect humans though, so our efforts will be clumsy at times.

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Why do we bitch so much?

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