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Florida Man Uses Urine-Filled Water Gun to Shoot a Woman

Tampa (WTFF) – A Florida man was arrested after reportedly shooting a woman with a water gun full of his own urine.

The Gulfport Police Department, as reported by WESH, said that 71-year-old Joel Benjamin approached a woman walking her dog on Saturday evening around 9:30 and squirted her several times.

The incident took place on 58th Street South.

Benjamin admitted that he did indeed shoot the woman with his piss-filled water pistol, and is quoted in the arrest affidavit telling cops he would “do it again.”

He’s facing one misdemeanor count of battery from the law, and probably/hopefully social exile for the rest of his life.

After his $500 cash bond was paid, Benjamin was released the same day he was booked, the Sunday of April 14th.

He was born in New York.

Alternate headline for sharing: New Yorker Transplant Uses Urine-Filled Water Gun to Shoot a Floridian Woman

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