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Animal Abuser Database Approved in Volusia County

Volusia County (WTFF) – Those convicted of abusing a dog or cat in Volusia County will soon be found in an online database.

A billboard, announcing Ponce’s Law, that was donated for free for one month

On Monday, The Volusia County Council unanimously voted to create an online registry that lists convicted animal abusers, including their picture, date of birth, and a description of their violation, in hopes of ensuring the crime won’t happen again.

The database is scheduled to go live on June 1, 2019 on the Volusia County website.

It’s a result of “Ponce’s Law,” which Port Orange resident Debbie Darino pioneered. She also led this local effort to adopt the registry.

“This is one more step to keep these (animals) out of the hands of abusers,” Darino told the council. “I know each of you are animal lovers. I can’t imagine you not wanting to take that extra step to help our animals that are being abused or tortured in ways you can’t believe.” (Daytona Beach News-Journal)

She said her work isn’t done yet, though she’s “excited and grateful” for Volusia’s approval of the registry.

61 Florida counties still don’t have a tool for tracking abusers.

“I want to get all the counties in Florida to implement one,” Darino said in an interview. She plans to lobby the cause to the Florida Association of Counties. “I want to push for this statewide. If this just saves one animal, I am happy.”

Animal Abuser Database Approved in Volusia County

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I love All animals, but I’m 100% against ANY GOVERNMENT REGISTRATION of any kind. Criminal Registration never works!!! These won’t either!!!