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Naked Florida Man Runs into Old Lady’s House, Wears Her Clothes


New Smyrna Beach (WTFF) – A naked man was running through the house of an 82-year-old woman and stopped to try on her clothing, police say.

Joseph Vaglica was butt naked when he walked into a garage in New Symrna beach on Tuesday morning.

The garage door led to the home of Sylvia Garmon, who experienced the shock of seeing a real-life Florida Man.

She spotted him running through her home, naked.

She confronted the man and called 911. After the call, she ran next door to find her stepson. WFLA reports that he streaked in an out of the house, and even took the time to try on a few items of her clothing.

Florida Man enjoyed being the star of this psychotic drag show, and became so excited that he started rolling around on the grass.

After tossing and tumbling in the front yard wearing granny panties, he started banging on the windows of the house.

Sylvia recounts her traumatic Florida Man experience:

“He was running around the yard with his arms up…”

He was taken to a hospital and then to jail in Volusia County.

Naked Florida Man Runs into Old Lady’s House, Wears Her Clothes

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