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Naked Florida Man Didn’t Actually Plant a Bomb in Airport Bathroom

Daytona Beach (WTFF) – Phew, false alarm everyone. The naked Florida man who said he put a bomb in a bathroom at the Daytona Beach International Airport was full of shit.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood said that bomb units searched the airport and found no evidence of a bomb.

Around 6 a.m. a fully clothed Florida Man walked into the airport and went into a women’s restroom that was under construction, reported Orlando Sentinel. He then took all his clothes off and put them in a backpack which he then stuffed into a hole in the wall.

He leaped onto a baggage carousel and tried to steal a tarmac before getting tazed by deputies.

He told the deputies they had to get out of the airport.

“I planted a bomb in the bathroom,” said the Florida Man, later identified as John Greenwood by WESH.

He’s been Baker Acted before, so none of this is really surprising. Plus it’s Florida.

He’s currently being evaluated at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach.

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