Boaters drag a tormented shark around while laughing



We found the driver.

No charges are being pressed, but we have decided to start a petition, demanding the perpetrators of this violent act serve jail time and pay 1000 hours of community service to Manatee County, under the supervision and coordination of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

Sign this petition to put them at the mercy of the FWC.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been alerted to a video circulating on multiple social media sites showing a group of individuals traveling at high speed on the water dragging a shark behind the vessel. Full Story ⤳

Snooty, the world’s oldest captive manatee, dies in Florida at 69 years old


(CNN) The world’s oldest-known manatee in captivity, Snooty, has died in a tragic accident, the South Florida Museum says.

The beloved marine animal was found dead during a check of his enclosure Sunday morning, the museum said.

“Snooty was found in an underwater area only used to access plumbing for the exhibit life support system. Early indications are that a panel that is kept bolted shut had somehow been dislodged and that Snooty was able to swim in,” the museum said in a statement. Full Story ⤳

Floridians For Freedom


Only the “Right Of Adults To Cannabis” amendment can secure your RIGHT to possess, cultivate, and use cannabis in a manner similar to your 2nd amendment right to “keep and bear arms” … think about that for a minute.

Whether you agree or disagree with Americans right to gun ownership, the strength of this protected right is clear and viewed my many as absolute. Floridians For Freedom​ believes adults right to whole plant cannabis should be comparable and hopes you agree. Full Story ⤳

Florida Man Puts Mouse Trap In Mailbox To Catch Thief – Catches Postal Worker Instead


Convinced that one of his neighbors was stealing items from his mailbox, Nicholas Dibble hatched a plot to literally catch the thief red-handed.

Dibble, a 63-year-old Floridian, suspected that his mail was swiped as retaliation by neighbors upset that he had called police about criminal activity in his Bradenton neighborhood. In an interview, Dibble referred to “the drug dealer across the street” and a woman who runs a “house of prostitution next door.”

Dibble, who is disabled, told TSG he has lived in the neighborhood for 25 years, adding that he worked nearly 40 years as a meat cutter for the Publix supermarket chain. Full Story ⤳

Palmetto man kills girlfriend’s rabbits and continues abuse

Bradenton — A Palmetto man convicted in 2014 of animal cruelty and battery after he killed his girlfriend’s pet rabbits — to demonstrate what he wanted to do to her after pushing her and threatening to kill her — has been found in violation of probation after being charged with abusing the same girlfriend.

Francisco Velasquez was found in violation of his probation for his felony animal cruelty convictions, according to a court order issued by Circuit Judge Susan Maulucci. Now Velasquez is facing five years in prison.

On Oct. 21, 2013, Velasquez got into an argument when he began cursing at her, pushed her and threatened to kill her and snap her neck.

But then Velasquez walked over to her pet rabbits’ cage, opened it and took out one of the rabbits. He beat the rabbit with his fist until it was dead, dropped it on the ground and took out the other rabbit and did the same. Full Story ⤳