Drunk Ocoee Man arrested for impersonating a cop

Albert Dolan

53-year-old Ocoee man Albert Dolan was doing what Florida Man does best…


He got the bright idea to hop into his Dodge Charger with fake police lights and drive 66 MPH in a 35 MPH zone.

An officer spotted him and pulled him over. Albert screamed that he was a cop and worked for both the FDLE and the DEA.

In typical Florida Man fashion, his words were slurred, his eyes bloodshot, and his breath full of liquor. He was arrested.

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Palm Bay Weed Man Accidentally Texts Police Officer


PALM BAY, Florida – On Saturday, a West Melbourne Police officer called the Palm Bay Police Department after receiving a text message from someone in their jurisdiction wanting to sell them marijuana.

The text message read “Hey Jen lmk rf u need any trees” from the Palm Bay resident with an emoji sign that appeared to be a marijuana leaf. The individual didn’t know he was sending the text messages to a police officer. Full Story »

Florida Woman beats a man for denying her sex

Rebecca Lynn Phelps

“Stop hitting me!” cried out a Florida Man at 2am on Thursday.

Florida Woman Rebecca Lynn Phelps smacked him in retaliation to the request.

She screamed with anger and left red marks on his face. She then scratched him.

Blood dripped down from the scratch on his arm as he threatened to call 911.

Just two Floridians doing some late-night S&M? Nope, not in this case (that woulda been Tampa) …

This man was getting his ass kicked because he refused to have sex with her. Full Story »