St. Lucie Man tells the FBI he’s a very good bomb maker

Fort Pierce got some attention from the FBI on Thursday, Sept. 28 when they assisted St. Lucie County Sheriff’s officers with an arrest. Charles Baker merited the visit by sending an online note to the FBI claiming to be a “very good bomb maker.” They were not impressed with his self-proclaimed skills. Perhaps if he […] »

Florida Man Cuts Girlfriend with Her Dead Mom’s Urn

Rupp, Chad
Weapons come in all forms. Sometimes, our people get very creative and expand from the standard repertoire of guns and machetes. Chad Rupp is a 26-year-old Florida Man who lives in Key West. On Wednesday night, he earned his awful wings and ended up on our site for weaponizing a sacred object. Him and his […] »

Palm Bay Weed Man Accidentally Texts Police Officer

PALM BAY, Florida – On Saturday, a West Melbourne Police officer called the Palm Bay Police Department after receiving a text message from someone in their jurisdiction wanting to sell them marijuana. The text message read “Hey Jen lmk rf u need any trees” from the Palm Bay resident with an emoji sign that appeared […] »

Fort Myers homeowner uses Jiu-Jitsu skills on burglar

Josue Ortiz
FORT MYERS, Fla. – Here’s a piece of advice for crooks: If you’re going to break into someone’s house, know whose house you’re breaking into. Lee County deputies said Josue Ortiz picked the wrong house, which he found out when the homeowner beat him using his Jiu-Jitsu skills. »

Vero Beach Man Asks Police To Punch Him: “I Deserve It”

VERO BEACH, Florida – Earlier this morning, the Vero Beach Police Department received a call about a burglary near the Flamingo Laundromat on U.S. Highway 1. As officers arrived, they saw several people in the parking lot of Flamingo Laundry. One man, who was later identified as 28-year-old Mark Edward Pritchard, of Vero Beach, was […] »

Tampa Man Escaping Irma Gets Arrested for Lewdness in Massachusetts

Salem Police
Trampites are a peculiar species. Here in Florida, we just get used to their antics. We smile and nod as they describe their disturbing sexual escapades. We adapt to their unpredictability; from their avoidance of using turn signals to their random public masturbation, we find ways to safely share the beautiful state of Florida with […] »

Jacksonville Man Punches a 66-Year-Old Woman in the Face

jacksonville 66 woman punch
On Monday, September 11, 2017 an unknown male suspect became involved in a physical altercation with a 66 year old female victim at Texaco located at 7148 Philips Highway. The suspect punched the victim in the face and she fell to the ground. The victim sustained a serious head injury and is now in critical […] »

Florida Man scams women by pretending to have cancer; pulls gun on reporter

Sometimes good things happen in Florida. Cute headlines make national news against the torrent of derelicts that toply rank our Florida Man articles. These good headlines are not always what they seem. Take for instance: “Florida Man With Terminal Cancer Fulfills Dying Wish, Marries a Long Lost Love After Reconnecting on Facebook…” Sounds great, eh? […] »