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Pasco County Man Beats Alleged Child Molester

Spencer Joyce

HUDSON (FOX 13) – A man being beaten in a fast food parking lot had just been caught molesting a young girl, Pasco County deputies say.

It was just before midnight Monday when deputies were called to the McDonald’s on State Road 52 in Hudson. They had been told that a younger man was beating up an older man.

But after investigating, they determined the apparent assailant may have had a reason to be angry. They say a 7-year-old girl and her caregiver had driven to the restaurant with Spencer Joyce, 60. Deputies say the 28-year-old caregiver left Joyce and the girl in the car, and when he returned, he saw Joyce molesting the girl.

That’s when he began beating Joyce.

Joyce was arrested for capital sexual battery and is being held without bond. Investigators did not specify how the New Port Richey man knew the girl and the caregiver.

Meanwhile, no charges were filed against the caregiver.

Source: fox13news.com

This is a proud moment for us Floridians. Once again, our iconic Florida Man went rogue and used his powers for good. Even the justice system earned a few points for not arresting him. Let this be a reminder to us all to pay attention to our surroundings and to help those in need.

If you flat out catch a pervert in the act and have undeniable evidence, then by all means this is what you should do:

Pasco County Man Beats Alleged Child Molester

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