Lakeland Dad Attacks Good Samaritan Who Found Their Lost Toddler

Lakeland Southwest Sports Complex

Incident at Southwest Sports Complex.

LAKELAND (Facebook: @LakelandPD) – On June 24, at approximately 3:35 p.m., the Lakeland Police Department responded to a disturbance at the Southwest Sports Complex, 1444 West Highland Street. During a game, a 2-year-old child got separated from her parents. A citizen who was at the at the game visiting a few friends noticed the young girl wandering by herself and believed that she was lost. The citizen attempted to ask the girl where her parents were and walked with her in hopes she could point them out. At least one independent witness stated they observed the citizen walking with the child trying to help find her parents. Full Story ⤳

Naked man arrested after Lake Wales couple finds him in their yard


A Lake Wales man was charged with trespassing and indecent exposure after a couple said they found him naked in their yard.

Investigators say the homeowner was awakened when his home security alarm went off around 7:45 a.m. on Sunday.

He told police that he went outside to his porch to see what was going on and saw Matthew Gamwell, 35, standing near the east corner of his home. He said that Gamwell was naked with his genitals exposed. Full Story ⤳

Lawsuit disputes ownership of $1 million lottery ticket sold in Lakeland

John Rhoades and Tyler Scott
John Rhoades (left) and Tyler Scott (right)

Man says friend duped him; pocketed lottery ticket money

BARTOW — A 45-year-old Lakeland man with limited education is suing his friend for misleading him on the value of his $1 million lottery ticket, and for pocketing the proceeds after helping him cash it in.

John Rhoades said he asked his friend, Tyler Scott, 28, for help after realizing the scratch-off ticket he bought in April was a winner, but he wasn’t certain how much it was worth nor how to cash it in. Full Story ⤳