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STOP! If you are about to post some ignorant, racist shit on this site, know that you will be called out for it. You will be fact-checked, and laughed at. If you threaten anyone or make egregious ad hominem attacks then you will be banned. Just chill. Think before you speak/type. Florida is fucked up enough without racism.

If you DO have an aversion towards people of a certain race, please just go make friends with one… you will find they are a lot like you. Letting go of hatred will clear up your mind for better things, and you will be happier.

That being said, culture jokes are fine here at WTF Florida. Florida’s a beautifully diverse place, and the nuances of how we all get along is part of our weird hilarity. Just don’t be a racist prick. If you wouldn’t say it in Miami or out in the boonies, don’t say it here.

Be decent to each other and enjoy the site. We will also say this to balance things out: fuck being politically correct. This page is offensive, crude, and ridiculous, just like the news articles we post. If you are laughing at the misfortune of the people whose mugshots arrive on our site, then you should be able to take a fucking joke.

This is our semi-official new policy we just pulled out of our ass. Please feel free to comment with any suggestions as to how we can improve our site, Florida, and the world.

Florida Man Running for Mayor of St. Pete Tells Audience Members to ‘Go Back to Africa’

Paul Congemi

ST. PETERSBURG (FOX 13) – Intensity surrounding the St. Petersburg race for mayor intensifies by the day, and Tuesday was no different.

After the assertion was made he was a “non-factor” in the race, Mayoral Candidate Paul Congemi snapped back at members of the Uhuru movement and their candidate, Jesse Nevel during a mayoral debate July 18 in St. Pete. Full Story ⤳

Florida Man with ‘White Pride’ tattoo celebrates his 40th arrest by doing opiates, meth, and heroin in his Astatula trailer park

Jason Gibbs, 42 of Astatula, has been arrested 40 times in Florida as of Wednesday, July 12. Gibbs was discovered with baggies of crystal meth, heroin and prescription opiate pills.
Jason Gibbs, 42 of Astatula, has been arrested 40 times in Florida as of Wednesday, July 12. Gibbs was discovered with baggies of crystal meth, heroin and prescription opiate pills. This is his latest mugshot from the July 12th arrest. (LCSO)

A 42-year-old man was arrested for the 40th time Wednesday after the Lake County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team found him inside a camper trailer in Astatula, 30 miles west of Orlando.

Jason Gibbs was discovered with baggies of crystal meth, heroin and prescription opiate pills. It’s the fourth time deputies have executed a search warrant on the property. Full Story ⤳

Florida Stepfather Excuses Child Abuse Charges Because He’s From a ‘Rich, White Family’

brian hall

A Daytona Beach stepfather has been arrested as part of a child-abuse investigation where a severely neglected 5-year-old was discovered weighing under 25 pounds.

Brian Hall, 29, is married to the child’s mother, Naomi Hall, who is accused of allowing this abuse to take place. She was arrested last week and posted bond, according to

Department of Children and Families investigators were visiting their Daytona Beach home on June 28, when they discovered the 5-year-old on the living room floor. The young victim was extremely thin, and seemed to be dehydrated.

He was found trying to eat cereal scraps from the carpet. The report also shows that the child’s hands and feet were orange, and that he had blisters all over his body.

The mother, Naomi Hall, told investigators that she would often neglect to feed him for 3 or 4 days at a time. She also failed to provide his medication. The young boy was unable to stand or speak.

When investigators asked the stepfather, Brian Hall, about this deplorable abuse, he replied:

“He is not my responsibility; I’m not his father. I come from a rich and white family.”

He pointed to the two other children in the living who are his, and said, “Those two are taken care of.”

He is facing charges of failure to report suspected child abuse or neglect.

All the children were taken into DCF custody.

Brian Hall, Daytona Beach Man who is hopefully getting ass-raped on a daily basis in prison, as the karmatic devices of the universe unfurl their poetic balancing act.

We Do Not Tolerate Racism


So, as our WTF Florida? Facebook page grows, we are seeing a disturbing amount of racist comments being made. Just to make things clear, we DO NOT TOLERATE RACISM. Of course, we do tolerate laughing at dumb criminals, ridiculous banter, insanity… I mean we do have the F word in our name, so yeah… but this is NOT the forum to express your racist idiocy. Here is just one example out of an onslaught of stupid, racists comments found on our Facebook page:

Look, if you have racist thoughts like this woman, please examine your thoughts very closely. Take a few deep breaths. Try to imagine EVERYONE as your brother and sister. Be kind and observant of what your mind is doing. We hope and pray that everyone will chill the fuck out, act more like Jesus, and stop being so shitty to each other. Peace.

Cryo Squad Hacks St. Lucie County School District’s Twitter Page


The first post said: “After heavy consideration, our district has decided to ban all African Americans from our school.”

The second was a graphic picture depicting two dead men.

Third was a reply to another posting stating: “removal of African Americans will boost grades 200%.”

The hackers said they did this for fun: “We’re bored as hell. We have a bunch of free time. Why the hell not?” Full Story ⤳

Innocent Man Spends 90 Days in Jail After Cops Mistake Drywall Powder for Cocaine

drywall cocaine

Oviedo, FL — An innocent man got a harsh dose of the incompetent police state recently after cops mistook his drywall for cocaine. He was subsequently kidnapped and thrown in a cage for months solely because of the ignorance of these officers and the faulty nature of their test kits.

To those who constantly say, “if you don’t want to get arrested, then don’t break the law,” consider the following.

In March of this year, Karlos Cashe was pulled over for a minor traffic ticket after he forgot to turn on his lights. However, it quickly went south after police saw drywall powder on his seat and floorboard and mistook it for cocaine. Full Story ⤳