Florida Senator Who Used Racial Slur Resigns

This March 9, 2012, file photo shows Republican state senator Frank Artiles, R-Miami, asking a questions about a pip insurance bill during house session in Tallahassee, Fla. Artiles, a Republican state senator, is expected to apologize publicly Wednesday April 19, 2017, for using racial slurs and obscene insults in a private after-hours conversation with African-American colleagues. (AP Photo/Steve Cannon, File) The Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida state senator who used a racial slur and vulgar language in a conversation with two African-American colleagues resigned Friday, saying the incident is causing a distraction to the legislative process.

Republican Sen. Frank Artiles submitted a resignation letter to Republican Senate President Joe Negron and issued a separate statement.

“I clearly made comments that were hurtful, unacceptable and inappropriate. The American people and Floridians want their leaders to be accountable and responsible, and by resigning my elected office I believe I am demonstrating those qualities they desire and deserve,” Artiles said in the statement released by a publicist.

Negron said the resignation was the right thing to do, and he dropped an investigation into the incident. Full Story ⤳

Florida teacher who threatened to get students ‘sent back to Africa’, gets suspended

John Sousa, who worked at Wesley Chapel High School in the Tampa Bay area when he allegedly told black students, “Don’t make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa,” will be transferred to a different school in Pasco County.

The white teacher in Florida who allegedly threatened to get Donald Trump to send black students back to Africa has been suspended without pay for three days. He will also be transferred to another school in the same country.

The incident occurred the day after President-elect Trump was elected and while the superintendent Kurt Browning said the situation was “incredibly inappropriate” it was not an offense worthy of being fired over. Full Story ⤳

Racial Slur Burned Into Florida Man’s Front Lawn

A Florida man found a racial slur burned into his front yard.

Racial Slur Burned Into Florida Man’s Front Lawn

A man in Palm Bay, Florida, says his family feels threatened after vandals used a chemical to burn the racial slur n***** into his front lawn.

Courtney Gordon told WESH-TV that someone likely used weed killer to plaster the hateful word on his lawn, which faces the street. Now everyone can see the 3-foot letters. Full Story ⤳

Donald Lee Hicks rams his Confederate Flag van into black couple while shouting racial slurs

A man is accused of trying to use his Confederate flag-decorated van to take a parking space from an African-American couple.

Donald Lee Hicks was taken to Broward jail. His bond was set at $40,000, $20,000 for each count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The weapon, a 1997 Dodge van, bore the Georgia battle flag (commonly called a “Confederate flag”) on its front as Hicks rolled up to a parking spot Saturday morning at 65 N. Beach Rd. in Dania Beach.

Hicks, 28, wanted the space. According to the complaint affidavit, a black couple stood in the space to save it for a family member.

According to the arrest report, he called them the N word and then yelled: “Don’t you see what’s on the front of my truck?”

Then the New Jersey-born Lake Worth resident hit the couple with the truck, deputies said. Each complained of knee injuries and were treated by Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire Rescue.

Hicks’ most serious previous encounter with the legal system saw him get six months’ probation and ordered to pay $708.61 restitution after a criminal mischief conviction.

The arrest report says Hicks fired a racial epithet at the couple before hitting them

The couple complained of knee injuries


Racism is still in America. Since Florida is the flaccid penis of the United States, it only makes sense that this story would arise from this god-forsaken state.

“President Barack Obama Highway” replaces “Old Dixie Highway”

Just to be clear, the WTF element of this story is the racist past of Old Dixie Highway.

The “Old Dixie Highway” has been renamed to honor President Obama. This comes at a time when cities across the U.S. are getting rid of symbols that remind people of the racism, slavery and violence of the past.

In December of 2015, a crowd cheered in Riviera Beach, Florida, as city workers removed the “Old Dixie Highway” sign and replaced it with a “President Barack Obama Highway” sign. The renaming of the road, which is one of the primary thoroughfares in Riviera Beach, happened in August of 2015. The sign changing ceremony was held where the new President Barack Obama Highway intersects with Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

The “Old Dixie Highway” is the second Palm Beach Country road to be renamed in order to honor President Obama. In 2014, East First Street was renamed Barack Obama Boulevard.

The Old Dixie Highway is a symbol of racism, the KKK and cross burnings. It also carries a lot of bad memories by the black residents of the neighborhood. It once served as the line that divided the white neighborhoods from the black neighborhoods. There may have even been a KKK cross burning on the road several years ago. By renaming it in honor of President Obama, it shows that the city approves change.

Source: greenvillegazette.com