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Circle K Delivery Guy Wears a Nazi Schutzstaffel Rebel Flag Shirt

Just outside of Tallahassee, a man was photographed while making a delivery at Circle K wearing a shirt with the Nazi SS symbol above the Confederate Battle Flag. “Support Your Local Remaining Few,” read the words around the Nazi-Confederate flag.

Angry, uneducated, hateful, racist meth heads have been indoctrinated by media propaganda for political purposes lately. Intoxicated by their manipulator’s poison, they become more brazen in their toxic beliefs and boldly display their bigotry for the world to see. Unfortunately for the sake of humanity, their numbers are growing as political leaders continue to exploit their anger and poverty to secure votes. All we can do is be aware and try to lift others out of hate after we lift ourselves up.

Image source: Reddit

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Circle K Delivery Guy Wears a Nazi Schutzstaffel Rebel Flag Shirt

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5 months ago

So what. At least he’s up front with it. Ain’t out vandalizing stoping traffic if he don’t get his way. Like some closet Nazi covering his face and running like a pussy. More respect for him then them.

7 months ago

Yep, this guy wearing the t shirt is a douchebag. Who exactly is his “manipulator”? Why not just come out and say what your posts prove, that you are a police hating, holier than thou, liberal who also happens to have a touch of TDS?

8 months ago

Support the remaining few what? I have spent 18 years behind a 45 foot wall at Lewisburg federal penitentiary maximum-security. I have seen every type of skin head, dirty white boy, nazis and others under various names. You boys ain’t shit and you know it. You’re no different than 20 bikers riding down the road screaming please look at me look at me look at me. Everyone wants the attention but no one wants the busted lip. I bet your punk ass got 911 on speed dial in case someone comes up to you and says boo!