Cop at Cordova Mall Goes Ham on Alleged Shoplifter

A video surfaced featuring a cop at the Cordova Mall in Pensacola grabbing a woman by her braids, dragging her around, and wrestling her to the ground. We only assume she’s a shoplifting suspect because of the circumstances. (Scroll down past the video to see the updates to the story). Like most viral videos, it […] »

Florida Man Shoots his Gun after getting Tackled for Starting Bar Fight

andre mouton
An early Sunday bar fight led to shots fired inside Tracy’s Lounge on Wickham Road when a verbal altercation between two males escalated, according to police. Andre Mouton of Melbourne was taken into custody around 2 a.m. Sunday on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, breach of peace with […] »

Florida Woman Punches Husband Who Interrupted Her Masturbating

flavia garrett higgs
Let’s meet Garrett and Flavia Higgs, a Port St. Lucie couple in their early 40’s. Like most Florida couples, they have issues. For over a year, they’ve been sleeping in separate beds and have been denying each other the sweet release of orgasm. The avoidance of intimacy influences human emotions with great intensity. Unless you’ve […] »

Florida Woman stabs her electrocuted boyfriend, tells cops a ‘black man with a mohawk’ did it

Christina Ann MacCornack and Christopher Thomas Jacobs
The lives of Florida Couples remain a mystery to many. They are reclusive creatures who only venture out late at night to party, and are rarely seen in broad daylight. Thanks to the blunders of an Avon Park duo, we have yet another narrative of what really happens inside these Florida Couple habitats. It all […] »