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Pasco County Gopher Tortoises Caught on Video Fighting

Hudson (WTFF) – Two gopher tortoises were caught on video fighting in Pasco County.

Realtor Eric Jenkins uploaded this video to his YouTube channel today, captioned:

“Hudson, Florida The Big Fight of 2/5/2018”

The uploader frequently posts new homes for sale on that account, so he probably just stumbled upon these two idiots while working and thought it would be funny to post. He even added a little classical music as a soundtrack.

We aren’t really sure what they were fighting about. Towards the end they both just kind of gave up and took a rest. Looks like they’re all good now.

No arrests were made.

HD version (may load slowly):

It’s good to know that shelled animals aren’t much different than human animals.

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Pasco County Gopher Tortoises Caught on Video Fighting

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