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Cop at Cordova Mall Goes Ham on Alleged Shoplifter

A video surfaced featuring a cop at the Cordova Mall in Pensacola grabbing a woman by her braids, dragging her around, and wrestling her to the ground. We only assume she’s a shoplifting suspect because of the circumstances. (Scroll down past the video to see the updates to the story).

Like most viral videos, it begins in the middle of the chaos, so there’s no safe way for us to guess how this all really started. It’s safe to say though, that grabbing someone by the hair isn’t part of the “how to apprehend a suspect” curriculum… but then again, this is Nawrth Flawrduh.

According to some of the locals, her blue outfit indicates that she’s Pensacola PD and not just a mall cop. Also the fact that she has a gun. The mall cops wear white outfits and don’t carry guns (yet).

Anyway… here’s the disgraceful video… enjoy

Matt Reis posted the original video on Dec. 19 captioned, “Sooooo this happened to a lady in Pensacola, Florida who thought she’d try shoplifting from the Cordova Mall….. #PMOYS 👻 @ChuckMan812 📸 work by Mikey Solano ”

UPDATE: According to WEARTV, the 36-year-old suspect tried to steal 29 pieces of kid’s clothing from Carter’s.

The officer said the suspect “immediately pulled away…and refused to follow any commands given” as she was being detained.

According to the report, Jefferson began “struggling in an attempt to get away…and the altercation moved outside of Carter’s to the middle of the mall.”

She was arrested and later released on a $3,000 bond.

She was charged for larceny back in 2016 too.

Cop at Cordova Mall Goes Ham on Alleged Shoplifter

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