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Floridian defends herself against a racist woman

This video (which was later deleted) came from a Facebook post by someone named “Austin,” who captioned it with the following:

Ok so lady in the blue sundress said something super racist about how “you know these Haitians” and sis in the gray was not having it. She then lied to the police and said the other girl started it, when everything was caught on video.

WTFF News has not verified if the lady in blue was truly pregnant as she claimed, but it’s safe to say that her engorged belly is simply occupied with cheeseburgers and mountain dew. Most pregnant women don’t get in people’s faces and start fights… and if they do, it’s their fault for endangering their child inside.

According to Local 10, this all went down at a Coral Springs La Quinta Inn on August 22, 2017, on a Tuesday.

Colleen Dagg, the woman in gray who administered the ass beating, later tweeted about the incident:


Summer Cortts, the racist lady who got her ass beat, was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Inciting an Affray. Colleen Dagg, who probably felt that beating her ass was enough, refused to press charges for simple battery (though she could have). Also props to her for apologizing to everyone involved after the fight. This particular Florida Woman is awesome.

All in all, violence is not the answer. Violence against violence only creates more violence. Hatred against hatred only creates more hatred. Every single person is responsible for their own Karma, and it’s really not up to us to deliver it. That being said, this is Florida, and if you put your muthafuckin’ hands on any of us, this is what we’re gonna do:

Floridian defends herself against a racist woman

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