Cops arrest drugged, topless Leesburg woman

Mandy Deane Jones

LEESBURG – Police on Wednesday arrested a woman who was apparently high on methamphetamine and running around naked in her neighbor’s yard.

According to an arrest affidavit, police received a call that the woman, later identified as Mandy Deane Jones, 36, of Leesburg, was running around without clothes, had flagged down a passing SUV and jumped in the back seat. By the time officers arrived, Jones was running around shirtless in the yard of her neighbor’s Layton Street home.

The driver of the SUV said Jones stopped her, slammed herself on the hood of the car and then opened the door and jumped in the back before she could lock it. The woman said Jones lunged for her purse but instead grabbed a water bottle, then jumped of the car.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene said Jones admitted she had taken methamphetamine in the last two hours. Full Story »

Florida Man Arrested After Alleged Cocaine-Fueled 100 MPH Run in Red Chevy Corvette

David Whitlow

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the summer of Florida Man continues unabated. Deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested the driver of a little red Corvette in Ocala, Florida last weekend after he was reportedly seen driving at 100 mph on surface streets, but at least it was easy this time: The driver promptly told them he didn’t have a driver’s license, he had just taken Percocet and used cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, and he had fake tags on the car to boot. Full Story »

77-year-old Pinellas Man douses girlfriend in lube for denying him sex


A 77-year-old Florida man doused his girlfriend in “sex lube,” after she denied his sexual advances.

Police arrived at their Clearwater apartment Friday night, and found his 72-year-old girlfriend locked outside.

Roger Archambault denied locking the woman outside, and denied having anything to do with the bruises on her body…

Earlier that day, a police report says that they were in a verbal altercation.

Allegedly, Roger got upset and kicked her in the butt while grabbing her hand. Couples in the Tampa Bay tend to behave like this in order to show their love to one another, these types of things are often seen as romantic gestures in certain contexts… not for these two.

The victim said that she was too scared to call the police at that time.

Some time passed. Around 11:00 PM, Roger’s fate decided to up the ante, and go from “jackass woman abuser” to classic “Florida Man.” Full Story »

Traffic stop leads to meth arrest in Silver Springs


On Friday, June 30, 2017, MCSO Deputy Jason Hunt was leaving a call for service and observed defendant Tina AnnMarie Gilmour (DOB: 12/08/1988) turning north onto SE 170th Avenue Road from East Highway 40 in a red Ford pickup truck. Deputy Hunt had just issued Gilmour a Notice to Appear several days beforehand for Driving while License Suspended or Revoked, soooo he knew she shouldn’t be driving! Deputy Hunt attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Gilmour’s vehicle, and Gilmour began to flee. But when Deputy Hunt began to pursue her, Gilmour had a change of heart..she immediately pulled over, got out of the vehicle and quickly put her hands behind her back so Deputy Hunt could take her into custody. Full Story »

How to buy drugs in Florida

Rick Scott Pill Mill

In Florida, it’s very easy to buy opiates. Simply walk into any pain clinic, tell them you hurt, pay them cash, and walk away with your drugs! Totally legal, and helps fund our governor Rick Scott. Totally safe too, after all, it’s prescription drugs… do you really think they’d sell us dangerous and harmful things that ruin our lives and corrupt our neighborhoods just to make billions of dollars? Full Story »