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Only the “Right Of Adults To Cannabis” amendment can secure your RIGHT to possess, cultivate, and use cannabis in a manner similar to your 2nd amendment right to “keep and bear arms” … think about that for a minute.

Whether you agree or disagree with Americans right to gun ownership, the strength of this protected right is clear and viewed my many as absolute. Floridians For Freedom​ believes adults right to whole plant cannabis should be comparable and hopes you agree. Full Story ⤳

Florida Woman Trusts a Stranger to Borrow Her Car along with Her 4-Year-Old Daughter


At Santa Rosa Medical Center, Miranda McCoy let a stranger borrow her car along with her 4 year old daughter to get “a strawberry milkshake…” She trusted him because he was “like a gentleman, and very charming.” The man never returned. Details are not yet provided, but the 4 year old girl, Alanda McCoy, was safely found the next day, after a Florida Amber Alert was issued. Both Alanda and her 12 year old sister are in DFCS custody and staying at their aunt’s home.

Miranda McCoy: Hasn’t Seen Daughter Since She Was Found Safely

Miranda McCoy says she still hasn’t seen her daughter little 4 year old Alanda McCOy after she trusted William Billy Kavachk with her at Santa Rosa Medical Center. Miranda’s mother is a patient at the hospital.

“Within a few minutes he introduced himself, like a gentle man was very charming, and he said is there anything I can get for you, and she said a strawberry milk shake will be great, you know,” says McCoy.

She says that simple request from her ill mother turned into a search for her daughter. Full Story ⤳

Gulf Breeze woman spits on cop, says she’s Pakistani royalty


A woman who police say bit her uncle is facing additional charges after she allegedly provided authorities a false name and spat on an officer.

Angela Christine Millikin, 23, of Gulf Breeze, was arrested Tuesday morning. Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office deputies responded at about 4 a.m. to a call near Oriole Beach Road and Wind Meadow Drive after it was reported that a white female in a red shirt and gray shorts who was allegedly involved in a recent attack had left the scene.

Officers stopped to speak with Millikin, who matched the description, but she told officers her name was Duchess “Christine Pharoah” and she was Pakistani royalty, according to the arrest report. Millikin gave police her real date of birth though, so officers matched her to the description and took her back to the scene. Full Story ⤳