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Drunk North Florida Woman Falls on a Goat, Assaults Nephew

Milton (WTFF) – A Pensacola woman was arrested and charged with battery after allegedly assaulting her nephew who picked her up after she drunkenly fell on a goat.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call on the 4700 block of Lynn Road on Tuesday, according to WEAR TV.

The victim said that his aunt, Jan Strickland, had gone inside the barn to hold a goat.

The North Florida woman was drunk already, and fell on top of the poor goat. Her nephew tried to help her up.

That’s when she struck him in the chest three times and shoved him into the barn door, allegedly.

She passed out after that.

Deputies woke her up and she tried fighting them. Even though she attempted to strike the deputies, she was not charged with resisting arrest.

She was arrested and charged with domestic violence-related battery at least. She bonded out the next morning for $250.

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Drunk North Florida Woman Falls on a Goat, Assaults Nephew

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6 years ago

Some people are mean drunks, and some people get all sentimental and mushy. This lady refuses to fit into just one category.