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Florida Woman Trusts a Stranger to Borrow Her Car along with Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

At Santa Rosa Medical Center, Miranda McCoy let a stranger borrow her car along with her 4 year old daughter to get “a strawberry milkshake…” She trusted him because he was “like a gentleman, and very charming.” The man never returned. Details are not yet provided, but the 4 year old girl, Alanda McCoy, was safely found the next day, after a Florida Amber Alert was issued. Both Alanda and her 12 year old sister are in DFCS custody and staying at their aunt’s home.

Miranda McCoy: Hasn’t Seen Daughter Since She Was Found Safely

Miranda McCoy says she still hasn’t seen her daughter little 4 year old Alanda McCOy after she trusted William Billy Kavachk with her at Santa Rosa Medical Center. Miranda’s mother is a patient at the hospital.

“Within a few minutes he introduced himself, like a gentle man was very charming, and he said is there anything I can get for you, and she said a strawberry milk shake will be great, you know,” says McCoy.

She says that simple request from her ill mother turned into a search for her daughter.

santa-rosa-amber-alert-walking-out“And then my little one, he said you want me to take her and I said no, that’s okay, then she said but Mama I wanna go, and he said yeah I ‘ll take her and I said okay that will be good I’m upset, Mom’s upset and she doesn’t need to see that anyway,” says McCoy.

McCoy says that’s when he took her light blue Mercury Montego and her daughter, but never returned with the little girl, and she says the hours that passed without knowing where she was, was brutal.

“I trusted that he wouldn’t hurt her, but then it was like why didn’t he bring her back, and then I got more scared,” says McCoy.

While McCoy says she is thankful her daughter is safe, she hasn’t been told by law enforcement where she was found nor has she seen her daughter since the ordeal, because both Alanda and her 12 year old daughter are in DFCS custody and staying at her sister’s home.

“I still haven’t got to be with her because I mad a bad choice, and I’m paying for it now,” says McCoy.

And through the tears of still not seeing Alanada, Miranda says she has learned her lesson.

“I miss my baby bad and I love her so much, I won’t ever trust anybody with my kid or my ride ever again, ever,” says McCoy.

Source: wkrg.com

Florida Woman Trusts a Stranger to Borrow Her Car along with Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

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