Florida Mom arrested for leaving kids in hot car while she drinks at bar

mom leaves kid in car

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – Two Orange County officers were reportedly called to check on two children, who were left in a running vehicle for over an hour.

Upon arrival, they fond two children in the backseat of a running silver Ford Focus. There was no parent or adult around. The officers opened the door and found the little girl, reportedly about five years old, crying hysterically. There was also another smaller male child, reportedly three of four years old, sleeping in a car seat. Full Story »

Florida Man gets arrested while shopping for eclipse glasses

Rosado eclipse

So, this guy drove to Harbor Freight and bought a welder’s mask to view the eclipse… problem is, ends up the car was stolen. We are not sure whether he knew that or not, and since everybody in the world is completely full of shit (from police to thieves) there’s really no way of knowing. We do not know that he stole the car, only that he was in possession of the stolen vehicle. Since this is the good ol’ boy south, cops thought it would be funny to post his picture on Facebook before any trial (but to be fair, it’s a pretty funny story). Full Story »

Deputies still searching for the man who caused an explosion in a McDonald’s bathroom


Don’t freak out… the cops are not after you for that indiscretion you had after eating several orders of chicken nuggets. We’ve all been there, stuck between the choice of using  a public bathroom or possibly crapping our pants. This incident was much more explosive than any dump you’ve ever had though…

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is still trying to find a suspect who may be responsible for an explosion in the bathroom of the McDonald’s on 6820 North Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. Full Story »