Florida man attacks driver with baseball bat during road rage incident


HIALEAH, FL – A man caught on cellphone video fighting with another driver in the middle of a busy Hialeah roadway, Friday evening, is facing a serious charge for the road rage incident, but he said there’s more to the story than the footage suggests.

Meanwhile, the other man involved in the skirmish said he merely acted out of fear for his life.

According to Hialeah Police, the incident took place along the 1200 block of 49th Street, at around 6 p.m.

The cellphone video shows 24-year-old Hector Herrera striking 50-year-old Jairo Linarte with a baseball bat. Both men are then seen grappling for the bat, and then Linarte is seen grabbing it from Herrera’s hands.

The men continued to exchange blows as they moved across traffic lanes, causing motorists to swerve in order to avoid hitting them.

In the end, Herrera would be charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

The 24-year-old, however, said the charge does not reflect what happened. “I just want to say that I am not an aggressive person,” he said. “My intention was not to hit him with the bat or nothing like that.” Full Story ⤳

Florida Man defensively parks his gigantic truck on top of road-raging Camry

truck on top of camry

An 18-year-old man said he purposefully backed his Ford F-150 onto a Toyota Camry on Wednesday afternoon following a road rage incident in order to protect his girlfriend and an 11-month-old who was in the pickup truck, police said.

According to an arrest affidavit, Adalberto Aponte, 53, said he got into a verbal disturbance that ended when Zach Waring placed his pickup truck into reverse and backed up onto Aponte’s Camry.

Waring told police that Aponte had been driving recklessly since he appeared behind Waring’s truck. Waring said Aponte almost caused multiple crashes, and when he reached a red light at the intersection of Southwest 42nd Street and Southwest 27th Avenue, Aponte got out of his Camry, walked directly to Waring’s open driver’s window and “began to strike him in the face through the window multiple times,” police said.

The victim’s girlfriend yelled that there was a gun in the truck when Waring was unable to stop Aponte from punching him, a report states. There wasn’t a gun in the pickup truck, police said.

According to the report, Aponte said, “I’ll show you a real gun.” Full Story ⤳

Woman exhibits road rage in a unique Florida fashion

Dancing Florida Woman

Uttering her contempt by grabbing her breasts and throwing her middle fingers in the air, this Florida woman performs her ritual road-rage dance in front of this dash cam:

Her male counterpart rammed into their vehicle while this white trash yee-haw redneck slut steps out to do her silly taunting. She also punched the victim’s side mirror and spat on the car.

Our graceful creature uttered to our camera-wielding victims, “I’ll sue you for taking my mother-f***in’ picture, hoe.” Thank you Florida education system, for producing humans with such eloquent lyrics.

I’m just surprised nobody got shot. Florida is number one in the country for gun ownership, not even per capita, but the highest number of guns period, even higher than Texas. This glorious “gunshine state” also boasts the lowest funding in the nation for mental health care. So when you do the math, you will find that Florida contains a bunch of insane people running around with guns.

And of course these uneducated monkeys are driving a gigantic gas-guzzling ‘Murica vehicle, because people in Florida are useless consumers who have no thoughts of their own.

Reinforcing the “white people can’t dance” stereotype, here is a lovely screenshot of the action:

Dancing Florida Woman utters her contempt by making a fool of herself