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Man gets cut off in traffic and cuts the driver with a machete


Zephyrhills (WTFF) – A North Carolina native slashed another man with a machete after they got involved in a road rage incident.

This all happened a little after 6:30 PM at the Walmart on Gall Boulevard in Zephyrhills.

The victim told cops that he did indeed cut Johnathan Bailey off earlier in traffic. 34-year-old Johnathan Bailey admitted that he used the machete, but claimed that it was because the victim was following him. The Tampa Bay Times reported both statements.

The most amazing thing is that Johnathan slashed the other man while driving. He pulled his vehicle up to the victim’s vehicle and “swung a sword,” according to arrest records. He was able to leave a one inch long slash between the driver’s thumb and index finger.

Johnathan is in the Pasco County jail with a $10,000 bond.

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Man gets cut off in traffic and cuts the driver with a machete

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