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Old Man Steals Kid’s Phone and Gets Gun Pulled on Him in Road Rage Incident

Anthony Arjibay
Anthony Arjibay

Meanwhile in The Villages, the world’s largest retirement city…

57-year-old Anthony Albert Arjbay was cruising along County Road 466 on the afternoon of July 1st, probably on his way to a shuffleboard tournament or something.

A young whippersnapper in a Honda passed him.

Arjbay finally caught up with him at the intersection of CR 466 and Rolling Acres.

He belligerently got out of his car and started taking pictures of the Honda, probably on his iPhone that his grand-kids taught him how to use.

He noticed that the driver, 23-year-old Matthews Ray Winters, was grinning at him.

The old man Arjbay reached inside the Honda and snatched the kid’s cell phone, telling him that if he wanted it back, he would have to follow him to the police station.

They drove away after the light turned green, but the young victim, Winters, had another idea…

Matthew Ray Winters
Matthew Ray Winters

He cut down Clay Ave. and drove to Oak Street and Teague Trail, where he used his Honda to block Arjbay’s Chevy Avalanche.

He then pulled a gun out, pointing it at the old piece of shit, and demanded that his stolen phone be returned to him.

Winters opened the Chevy door, got his cell phone back, and drove away.

Like a little bitch, Arjbay called the police, and eventually Winters was stopped by Lake County Sheriff’s deputies. He was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm. He posted bond for $2,000.

Old man Arjbay was arrested on a charge of burglary. He bonded out for $15,000.

The moral of the story? Tell your grandparents not to fuck with people just because they get passed on a road… they might just get a cap busted in their ass. Remember, this is Florida, the Gunshine State.

Old Man Steals Kid’s Phone and Gets Gun Pulled on Him in Road Rage Incident

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