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Senior Citizens Strong-Arm Their Way into Starbucks Drive-Thru in The Villages

The Villages (WTFF) – A pair of senior citizens harassed a driver and attempted to burglarize a vehicle as they forced their way into the drive-thru line at a Starbucks in The Villages.

On Friday, a post made by Alexa Stafford provided photos, videos and a description of the encounter which reportedly happened in The Villages at the Starbucks near East County Road 466 located at 3320 Wedgewood Ln.

The victim pulled slowly into the drive-thru lane at the Starbucks, not noticing a vehicle that was about 2 car lengths behind her.

Suddenly, Stafford was jolted by the appearance of a senior citizen woman banging on her passenger window and trying to burglarize the vehicle.

“Next thing I know I have this crazy lady pounding on my passenger window, screaming at me, and trying to open my door,” Stafford wrote in the post.

“When she couldn’t get that open she came to my front side and tried to open my door. Then she stood in front of my car so I couldn’t pull forward.”

The old woman continuously screamed at Stafford while calling her names.

The driver came out to further harass and intimidate her, “screaming, cussing, pounding on [her] window,” and threatening to call the cops.

Eventually, the pair went back inside their car and whipped their vehicle in front of the victim.

The old man once again stepped out of the car to garnish a final middle finger and screaming fit towards the calm and patient victim, who wrote in the post, “Congratulations, I hope your fucking Starbucks was so hot it burns your tongue off 👌.”

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3 months ago

A well-placed bullet between each of their eyes would render these diapers useless!

Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas
3 months ago

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4 months ago