Venice Coyote

Spotted in Venice, FL. Video uploaded by Melanie Wolf Alkema. We have a coyote who visits our property every night. I admit I feel trapped inside my house from dusk to dawn. Last month, I bought several wireless outdoor security cameras and have tried to determine the path of the coyote. This evening, I placed […] »

Florida Scrub-Jay

The Florida scrub-Jay is a native bird that grows up to 12 inches long with a wing span of 13.5 inches. They feature a blue-colored necklace and gray back and underparts. They eat mostly insects, frogs, toads, lizards, mice, bird eggs, and acorns. Florida scrub-jays live in family groups that consist of a breeding pair […] »

Milkshake Loss

This “I’m leaving” message was made after we posted this story: Matt Gaetz Milkshaked After Town Hall Meeting Dear Baby Boomers from New York who support Fascist policies (and anyone else who promotes bigotry, cruelty and oppression), We don’t give a fuck about you. Unlike mainstream media corporations who cater to confirmation bias and extract […] »