Visit Florida Ads

We propose these helpful ads to Visit Florida, in an effort to increase our tourism dollars. Our WTFF News corporate sponsors demand that we do our part to ensure that a fresh wave of tranplants get stuck here every year. Here are the staff picks, please share to save our tourism industry. #VisitFlordia »

How Florida Man Stays Eternal

Florida Man is suspended in time as a constant in the zaniest headlines. His death and rebirth are continuous and propelled by the same energy that he’s infamous for. As long as the contiguous U.S. has this peninsula in their southeast corner, Florida Man will exist, and WTFF News will be here to report his […] »

The Many Flags of Florida

Florida Flags
  Florida’s a very diverse place. You could be driving past a Vietnamese Buddhist temple, admiring it’s architecture and beauty, while a shaved head local passes you in in his Confederate Battle Flag littered pickup truck blasting Lil Wayne. The middle of Florida is full of old people. On your way through Gainesville, the hippies […] »