Dramatic Journalism

Not all is as it seems. News media must be dramatic. There are bits of truth and delusion in every article and meme we are exposed to. Without fail, with every expression of reality things are lost, and other things are added. Do not allow your mind to be swayed too quickly, nor respond too apathetically. The truth is often somewhere in the middle, or perhaps hardly there at all. Full Story »

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You may have stumbled upon this page from clicking on one of our silly joke ads. Here’s our disclaimer: those ads are not real, they’re only jokes.

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The news is not designed to inform you. It’s designed to excite you, confuse you, and stimulate your emotions.


So advertisers can sell you shit, warp your opinions, and steal your data (legally and/or illegally). Full Story »



Everything in our news category is real. Everything we quote from arrest affidavits are written verbatim. We cite all our sources. That being said, we are often completely unprofessional in our condemning and ridiculous descriptions of Florida Man and Florida Woman. Without that layer of psychological protection against the sinister nature of these horrific events, WTFF News would be just as depressing as regular news. So we choose to be ridiculous. We’re just being honest though. If you want to join us in our mission to make the news more real, sign up to be an author.