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News and Advertising

You may have stumbled upon this page from clicking on one of our silly joke ads. Here’s our disclaimer: those ads are not real, they’re only jokes.

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We try not to inundate our readers with annoying ads. We just make enough to keep the website running. All we ask is that when you’re blessed, share a blessing.

The news is not designed to inform you. It’s designed to excite you, confuse you, and stimulate your emotions.


So advertisers can sell you shit, warp your opinions, and steal your data (legally and/or illegally).

Stop sharing fake news.

Stop believing everything you read.

Start reading bills on myfloridahouse.gov and flsenate.gov and stop letting media make up nonsense about what the bills “could” imply. It’s usually just a scare tactic trying to get those precious clicks and views up for their revenue.

Also, the world is getting safer, not more dangerous. Take a deep breath and know that everything is OK.

Crime Going Down, Fear Going Up

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