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New Viral Trend! Your Florida Teen Could Be Snorting Condoms Up Their Nose! Ahhh!!!

Are you a parent? Are you afraid of everything? Are you really fucking stupid and easy to trick?

If you answered YES to all those questions, you should be freaking out right now.

Just do a quick Google search for “condom snorting”, and you will see many results:

That must mean it’s really happening! Your kid could be next! Share this article now and tell all your friends to freak out!

Of course, Fox News covered this story and used it as a straw man argument to paint all young people as foolish, pandering to their base and further dividing our country. ABC did it too, plus countless other national and local broadcast news stations.

In case you haven’t noticed already… you’ve been bamboozled.

You’ve been tricked by many “reputable” news sources.

Condom snorting is not a trend. In fact, only a few random people did it back in 2013. The screenshots of that video plaguing your news feed is over 5 years old (Google Trends).

This video explains what’s really going on:

Snopes covered the facts, and so did The Washington Post.

Please stay mindful in these fucked up times. Pay attention. Don’t get caught up in the tricks.

New Viral Trend! Your Florida Teen Could Be Snorting Condoms Up Their Nose! Ahhh!!!

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